Adventure Time : Cured Meats Edition

The Local Pig

Down a road that you're certain is a cruel joke by google maps is we're you will find the delightful Local Pig. Cured meats are an important part of this household and needed to find a purveyor of such items, posthaste. Seeing as this was a Sunday adventure, and we are in a part of the country which feels this is an important day, we had few options. However this turned out in our favor, since we lucked out. 

Attacked to The Local Pig, is the not so mobile food truck, Pigwich.  The Pigwich smells like carnivore heaven, and I'm sure tastes close. We didn't partake, yet. A steady stream of all variety of folks (a cop pulled up for lunch, a bunch of families, a few post churchers in heels) picked up their box lunches. You can take it to go or enjoy their covered picnic area. 

Once inside you're treated to the delightful aroma of MEAT! Two cases of all kinds of wonderment. A dozen different kinds of sausage, locally sourced beef, lamb, pork and chicken, chicken and duck eggs, little hand made pot pies, beef, lamb and pork bacon, and a few kinds other treats. If you get there in time, fresh bread from a local bakery is there and coffee from Oddly Correct. Don't forget to check the case by the checkout for schmaltz and lard, pickles and rilettes. 

The yummy pig part painted on the wall

Too hot outside or just want to watch them work hang out here. 

Map of where all the local yum comes from

Spoils of the hunt








The Weekly Claire: Kansas Edition

So I've moved, to Kansas.  Or Cans-ass I keep calling it.  I don't know who Can is but we now live in and around Can's ass.  Its quite green, and not ass flat as I had figured it to be.  It doesn't have a single freakin' mountain or a body of salt water and its hot.  It turns out we won the house lotto when we rented this place.  It's in an almost too quiet neighborhood and they've recently removed all the wallpaper and brass fixtures. There's a little koi pond in the yard and an enormous closet. 

This bathroom is larger than my dorm room. It's too big and kinda awkward, but it works. The best part of our new neighborhood, a Delorean lives here! Edgar can watch the birds outside at the feeder too. 

 This guy is at the bowling alley. We call him safe sex t-Rex, for one particular reason other then it's funny. 

 And finally a screenshot of what 8 hours of driving looked like. No turns on hills, no nothing, just straight from Denver to Boner Springs ks. Then you hang a left and go north a wee bit. 


We went flying!

We're very lucky to have a private pilot in the family so up we went! Its amazing how a long slog of a drive to the islands, became a perfect day trip.  Up - Lunch - Back!  


My Office is a Mess

A total mess, its mostly because I've been working in here a lot, and thus its a mess.  Messy-mess! Untitled

Mostly because I'm actually working in here this week. Writing work stuff, applying for jobs, and doing crafty stuff.  I'm participating in Nerd Wars, and its got me digging though my stash for projects.  Thats my stash, believe it.  Thats it.  (okay I have two space bags of bits and ends in the basement.)

Got some goodies at the store yesterday.  Patterns (which appear to be upside down).  Cheep bits of fabric and some nice fabric for making a skirt.


That was awkward

I know, I'm an awful blogger.  But I'm back.  At least I hope to be.  With the move coming up I thought that it would be nice to try to get my blog mojo back.  I'm still deciding if this is the best blog for me and what not.  While I figure somethings out, please enjoy that photo of lego Luke and R2D2.  (BTW this is one of two Lego X-wings we own.  This is the one Hub got for chirstmas from his folks.  The other resides on my desk at work)


The Weekly Claire: WTF Weather

So this last week was a doozy.  We had massive rain fall that rotted out our strawberries, sticky as fuck humidity which has been followed by the hotest days of the year so far.

Three of my orchids are blooming! This one was a rescue from someone who didn't want the sticks and leaves anymore.  People are always giving them to me because they think they'll kill them, or they can't take care of them.  Look just stick them in a window water them now and again and BOOM, they just decide to bloom one day, no skill required.

I ordered and got (in a 36 hour period) this amazing scarf from a wonderful Tacoma retailer.  

The new 250 straight six went into the Nova last friday and my sunday night we had it all ready to run.

Edgar climbed in my purse and had a good scratch and left a few feather for me to find latter.

I put the buttons I got at Church Mouse Yarns on my sweater, not that I can wear it for like 3 more months but it looks good.  

YUM Snow peas! From the bucket garden

We had a MASSIVE rain storm on tuesday, which also happened to be my grandmother's 90th birthday.  I drove from Tacoma to almost Everett at was only 15 minutes late, which was pretty good considering the storm basically kept up with me the whole way, and I rode the edge of it for about 45 miles.

I validated a whole FUCK-load of stuff this week.  I mean like 3 solid hours of diluting and testing.

I made THE Quiche!  This is the Thomas Keller Quiche recipe from his book.  Its sooooo good, but is wildly expensive and rather time consuming.  The pay off however, is worth it.  It was the one thing at my cousins babyshower that had no leftovers.

The beautiful weather for the shower!

Just a few of the yummy things we severed up.
Shhhh Don't tell anyone but I got use an awesome camera to photograph the shower and it put my d40 to shame, now I want a new one.  

And finally Edgar helped me do a little work yesterday.  He LOVES the eraser and its almost impossible to snatch it back from him once he's got it.  


Claire's "I'm not gonna do Fran" WOD

There are two crossfit workouts I will NOT DO! They are, Murph and Fran.  Sorry Murph my good man, I will honor your memory by cheering on those souls faster and braver than I, and FRAN you evil bitch I just won't.  Mostly because I have these little tiny wrists and whenever I do thrusters I honestly feel like my hands are just going to break off and I'll be left with these bloody stumps.  Its not my idea of fun (not that Cfit is my idea of fun, but in the land of suck, it sucks in a interesting way)  So today I stayed home and concocted this WOD:

400M run
30 pushups
40 sit ups
50 squats


*If you want to learn more about what I'm talking about visit the Crossfit main page or my fab-u-lous gym's page